Nutriti Pure

Chewable Iron 65 mg – Orange Flavor (60 tabs)

  • 1 - Pack
  • 2 - Pack


Customer Reviews:

Terence Muir
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Easy to Take

For people like me who have difficulty swallowing pills, these are great! Being chewable, they are easy for me to take. The flavor is advertised to be orange. It tastes nothing like orange to me, but it is pleasant.

I highly recommend this product.
Iowa Girl
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Iron and vitamin C all in one chewable! Excellent

Love these heavy duty iron chewables. I am anemic and I have struggled to find A supplement that actually tastes good. Regular iron pills are far too hard for me to absorb so being able to chew these very fine and allow them to absorb in my mouth has been a huge help to my overall health. I love the fact that the high vitamin C is included in them as well so it doesn’t require me to take a second pill with it. Since it is vital to take vitamin C with iron to increase the absorption rate. The flavor reminds me of the flintstone vitamins I took as a kid. They are larger but remember they are a pleasant chewable so they go down easy! Definitely can recommend these.