Nutriti Pure

Chewable Iron 18 mg – Orange Flavor (90 tabs)

  • 1 - Pack
  • 2 - Pack


Customer Reviews:

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No swallowing, it dissolves!

This is a great product for anyone that has issues swallowing, who may be anemic or had weight loss surgery. It is iron & vitamin C in one tablet that dissolves on your tongue. It doesn't taste bad until right at the end but it is tolerable. I have had my teen use these when he ran out & the look in his face at the end was priceless. I take them daily as I'm anemic & have been since I as a kid. I did have weight loss surgery in 2008 & take vitamins on a daily basis. These have helped keep my iron at a stable level.
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Lab results are better

This is my second bottle. I’ve been taking from 1 to 2 little tablets every day for 6 weeks. When I started taking them my hemoglobin levels were in 8 and I tested my hemoglobin levels just to prove that I’m better. I do feel better but I wanted to see in the lab results. I was so happy to have my Hemoglobin levels in 9.2. I will taking them as the doctor said for 6 months to raise my levels to at least 12 and replenish my ferritin levels as well.
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The only iron suppliment I'll take.

I have endometriosis, so often I find myself anemic. Iron supplements normally taste like crap (like metal). These taste great, dissolving is quick and easy, and (as long as I'm good about taking one a day), they ensure energy, and my iron levels have improved. HIGHLY recommend these!! They taste good, and work!