Nutriti Pure

Growing up, I saw that my family would often turn to home remedies for small ailments. Turmeric milk for the cold, mud face masks for acne, you name it. These remedies have since become commercialized and utilized worldwide. However, my family’s reliance on natural cures instilled a curiosity about herbs and vitamins inside me from an early age.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. My doctor recommended that I take iron pills with vitamin C to ensure optimal absorption. I purchased several iron pills but was unable to find a tablet that raised my iron levels without upsetting my stomach. I was surprised by the limited offerings on the market, as iron deficiency anemia is a very common diagnosis among children and women of childbearing age. 

Frustrated with the unsatisfactory products offered in the market, I was inspired to create my own line of iron supplements. I worked meticulously with our US-based manufacturers to develop a formula that was effective, non-constipating, and scientifically backed. I am now proud to sell a varied range of iron supplements which include vegetarian capsules, chewable sugar-free formulas, and children’s meltable irons. 

As a woman owned business, we are working to increase our product offerings while staying true to our original goal: bringing premium quality products to the market at prices that families will love.